Saturday, May 11, 2013

Still Praying for Justice

EAPPI Stands in Solidarity with All Who are Praying for Justice

Cremisan Monastery

In a prior blog entry titled, Cremisan Valley, the story of the struggle to keep the land open for the church’s use was explained.  The Israeli court ruled in favor of the confiscation of land and division of church property by the wall. 

The first step came this week with the closure of the road from Beit Jala.

The villagers of Beit Jala gathered after prayer on Friday to demonstrate, showing their displeasure in this violation of their right of access.  This closure will add about 25 minute to the time of each trip to Bethlehem.

Some of the EAPPI team went to stand in solidarity with this village.  The nonviolent protest turned violent with tear gas.

Even in this “setback” celebrating mass and praying under the olive trees each Friday continues. 
The church community continues to pray for a JUST peace.

Wall Prayer

EAPPI gathers with those who walk and pray along the wall each Friday.  I am thankful that EAPPI has the privilege of serving in Bethlehem and being involved at this prayer walk.