Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EAPPI Stands in Solidarity with 

Non-Government Organizations

Alternative Information Centre

Located in Old Town Beit Sahur, the Alternative Information Centre is an Israeli-Palestinian Non-Government Organization that combines a political activist focus with research and analysis in order to give an alternative version of the conflict. 

Their programs involve Palestinians and Israelis working together.  They produce a number of books and pamphlets and a newsletter as well as a very good news site with videos. 

One project of interest is their Bridges Instead of Walls: International Political Camp in Palestine and Israel.  It is a one-week field seminar that provides participates with a deep understanding of the Palestinian and Israeli context and societies thus enabling more powerful advocacy on behalf of a just peace in the region.  It creates a space in which the Palestinian people themselves explain their struggle and give direct witness to their life under occupation.  This is a necessary step in understanding the factors in the present situation.

Our team plans to attend  movie screenings and lectures here as our schedules allows.

For more information check out their web site,

Pray for a Just Peace in the Middle East