Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another Call to Action

Justice Issues

Justice issues continue to fill my thinking and actions.  Acting as Social Action Coordinator for the United Methodist Women of West Michigan Conference is changing my life and thinking.  I am challenged to further actions through reading, workshops, conversations and Mission U.

Traverse City, my home town, is coming together on behalf of the incarcerated, the previously incarcerated, their families and friends.  We are exploring ways to continue and enhance services before, during and after incarceration.

Church Women United

I am also involved in Church Women United.  Please take time to check our what they are doing in your area.  We are a racially, culturally, theologically inclusive ecumenical women's movement.  

Summer in Traverse City, MI

Mine is summer to enjoy in Traverse City Michigan.  You are invited!

A Thought:

God loves everyone, even those running for political offices!  

All of them.