Friday, March 28, 2014


Joy Filled Memories

Praise God with me for allowing me to serve at the school for Syrian refugee children
Coordinated through the Alliance Church in Mafraq,  Jordan.

The blessings continued as four international co-servants traveled with me to Jerusalem.   Their help with my luggage was a gift from God.  The transfers from several vehicles,  onto conveyer belts, bus, train and about an eight block walk to my hotel took a lot of energy.

In Jerusalem

View of the "holy city" from my hotel room.
No worries, the bed was very comfortable and only stayed one night.

The Methodist Liaison from the Methodist Office in Jerusalem will be picking me up and driving me to my next destination.   She will be directing my services here.


Embracing change is a challenge to us time bound humans.  However as believers we have read the final chapter.   We can have joy in all the circumstances as we realize the loving God is weaving our life into His story of love and salvation in Christ Jesus.

Scripture promises that God will share love through us wherever we are.  God has changes in store for each of us as the Holy Spirit works to conform us to the image of Jesus in all we say and do.

Pray for Peace in the Middle East