Sunday, February 12, 2017


Anointed for Service

In 2013 my pastor, Dianne Doten Morrison of Christ UMC sang a song during an anointing service for my first mission ministry.  She sang again at the anointing ceremony led by Pastor Colleen Wierman of Grawn United Methodist Church in December 2016, as I prepared to serve at La Posada Providencia in San Benito, TX.  The Holy Spirit continues to use the truths of the words of her song in my life and service.

L'chi lach to a land that I will show you.  
Leich l'cha to a place you do not know. 
L'chi lach on your journey I will bless you. 
 And you will be a blessing, you will be a blessing, you will be a blessing. 
 L'chi lach.

The song is based on Genesis 12:1 when God says to Abram, “Go forth to the land I will show you.”  Hebrew words, L'chi lach meaning, "Go forth" and lech l'cha meaning "Go for yourself.'  This is because when God sends you on a journey it is not only a journey for God.  It also contains the meaning of a journey of self-discovery, self-direction and personal choosing.

Our Journeys

I praise God for this journey.  God’s intentions for each of us is beyond our imaginations.  My devotions this morning from E. Stanley Jones’ book The Way to Power and Poise (page 79) emphasized the necessity of giving our all.  “For God can only give All to all.  We offer “some” and expect God to overlook the reservation and give us all.  But the heavens are silent.  They open with only one key-all.”

My Ongoing Calling

Blogging as I Go

In July of 2013 when I started my GBGM Volunteer in Mission experiences, I created my blog and named it  I am so thankful for you who read this blog as we consider our calls together.  My heart is warmed by the love and Spirit of Hospitality extended to me in so many places by so many people during my journey.


Since 2013, God’s Holy Spirit has show me the plight of refugees during my journeys.  I served with and for refugees in countries overseas and refugees from many countries in the US. 

My call, our call it to serve Jesus by serving those in need.

Refugees in Traverse City

In November 2016, my interest in refugees expanded as I attended conferences in Lansing about refugees in Michigan.  I discovered that Traverse City, my hometown, had recently been designated as a city to resettle Unaccompanied Minor Refugees.  Bethany Christian Services in Traverse City has the task of finding foster care homes for these youth.  Call Bethany Christian Services if you want to help 231 995 0870 in the foster home aspects of this process.

Working closely with Bethany Christian services, Northwest Michigan Welcoming Council (NMWC) has been formed.  You are invited to be a part of this important group.  Their Facebook page is  If you would like to be in the email loop for this group send a note to:

Now I'm a Winter Texan

Before starting to serve refugees at La Posada Providencia in San Benito, TX, I did not know the term Winter Texan.  Winter Texans answer God's call by serving at La Posada.  February flowers are beautiful.

This ministry has been serving refugees and immigrants in the valley for 27 years.  Statistics have been updated, La Posada has provided refuge for more than 8500 people in crisis from more than 80 countries worldwide . 

They are fulfilling Scripture’s mandate Matthew 25:35.  To learn more, view their web page and watch the video on the web page.  In addition, check out their Facebook Page, to see the work God is allowing here.  If you are a Winter Texan, or from the area call and schedule a tour of La Posada, 956 399 3826.

This is an amazing ministry.  I have never seen anyone work harder than the sisters here, Sister Zita, the director, and Sister Margaret are sisters of Divine Providence. Sister Therese Cunningham is a Sister of The Holy Spirit.  They are on duty 24/7.  I have learned a lot from their examples, their hospitality and their love, for the refugees, each other and me.

My Daily Joy!

Time really goes fast.  I have been here a month already.  My daily schedule involves being a helper to Sister Therese, originally from Ireland in the classroom.  She plans lessons for students at many different skill levels.  It has been fun for me to see students progressing.  It is fun to see people from many different nations working hard to learn English!  For some English is their third or fourth language.  

Last week I worked with a women in her 30’s who she speaks three languages, but had never written her name.  Praise God with me for the joy of teaching and seeing amazing results.  

Sister Therese does a great job of exposing the refugees to United States culture.  It is a thrill to hear our class say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.  To watch the refugees carefully raise and lower the flag each day.

Hospitality: Stories, Stories and Stories!

Meal times are special times.  Eating together as a family gives everyone time to get to know each other to share stories.  The numbers here fluctuate, but friendships develop quickly.  

Before and after each meal we work together to prepare and clean.  

Of course some would rather play in the cupboard than eat.  It was a joy seeing this little one take his first steps.


Praising God for connections made here.  Another volunteer that comes once a week mentioned that she works for an agency here in Texas that shelters unaccompanied minors.  They were looking for organizations hoping to move the minors in their shelter into foster family homes.  Bethany Christian Services is now connected with upbring, https://www.upbring.orgIt was fun realizing God was using me to making connections between my service here and what is happen for refugees in Traverse City.  Experiencing God!

Offering Opportunities to Be Blessed

I am working closely with a United Methodist Deaconess, Cindy Johnson.  I attended her church in Brownsville the first Sunday I was here.

  She volunteers here at La Posada one day a week.  Together we are reaching out to churches in the area.  We are bringing the needs of the refugees and the mission needs of La Posada to the churches in this area. The potential of blessings because of "Yes" to volunteer ministry at La Posada.

How fun it is for me to feel the Sisterhood of United Methodist Women Units as I visit groups here in the valley.    

The Wall at Brownsville

So VERY Sad!