Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Is NOT the Weekend


I have changed the chorus to "Adjust and obey for thee is no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to adjust and obey."  Even the flow of the week is different here.  Friday is the day that most businesses are closed and workers usually have Saturday off too.

Morning Reflections

As I sat at the kitchen table, I saw the  birds, the sparrows.  In my prior assignment I would see them flying free where people had to wait in cages.  Here too, flying free and in both places I imagine their songs being praises to their creator. 

Let's have this picture of the sparrow remind us that God's eye is on the sparrow, on us and the Syrian refugees in their extreme needs.  As God's stewards, asking ourselves what is required.

UMW Prayer and Bible Reading Calendar

It is a Holy Spirit miracle when the scripture chosen and printed months ago is exactly what is needed by your soul when read.

I was reminded of two concepts that are VERY relevant to my assignment here. 

 The first was not to grumble, like the children of Israel did in the desert. I had been saying, "I am soooo tired of being cold."  Instead now I praise God for the furnace I hope to have next winter.

The second reminder was to do all things that are beneficial and constructive for the good of others.  I have many opportunities right in the appartment, all ten of us.  This morning we are out of water, with news that we might not have water for a few days until it is fixed.  That is a problem times ten.  Hope it is fixed soon.

Passing Notes in Church

The Sunday morning service is interpreted into English as spoken, many internationals attend.  The evening service is just in Arabic.   However, one of the  church members wrote short notes on content for us internationals.  

It especially nice to see someone I knew in  church.  It was a missionary nurse who works at the American Hospital.  She is helping me obtain a prescription.   What would have cost $769.00 because my insurance would not cover in advance in the states, will be only about 48 J D.

Praises and Prayers

Praise God with me that I have this privilege to serve as an assistant at a school for Syrian refugee children.

Pray for those who are working to provide for the extreme needs of the Syrian refugees.   Pray for the Syrian refugees as they adjust to their new circumstances and their trauma from all they have suffered and are suffering.

Let's pray asking what actions God requires from each of us.