Sunday, May 18, 2014

Worship, Celebration, Service, Tear Gas, Hospitality, Friendship and a Cooking Class

What do all the words in the title have in common?  I experienced them all this past week.

Worship at St Andrews Scot's Memorial Church

Rev. Kristen Brown is an ecumenical partner at St Andrews.  Kristen is with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.  She is the Methodist liaison to Palestine Israel.

 After worship Helen, a member at St Andrews who is also Kristen's neigbor, and I had lunch together.   We celebrated Kristen's birthday later at Kristen's apartment.

Acts of Service 

Two days a week, while I have been here and as schedules allowed, I spent doing office work at the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem, see Methodist Liaison on facebook.

 Kristen has been a kind "boss", as she facilitated my time here.  We both put energy into the Advance Projects.  For more information about the advance go to the following site,  You will hear more about the Middle East Advance Projects upon my return to the US.  

If you are in Jerusalem, visit the office.  Better yet, come back on a service mission and fill this seat.

It was a joy to do service at Bethlehem Bible College,

I am comfortable doing office work, and because of my love for books, helping at the library was a joy.

Last year I met an artist who serves God here in many ways.  She is manager at the guesthouse where I am staying.  I thank God for her friendship and knowledge.  She was at the library this past week putting the final touches on a "story wall" for the children's section at the college's library.

This week I gave morning devotions at House of Hope.   The lesson was a story Jesus told so his listeners could understand the Kingdom of Heaven.  The residents celebrated the joy of those who were ready, knowing that God loves the world and provided the way to be ready.

I am so glad that Rev. Dianne Doten-Morrison has an all ages Sunday at Crist UMC, my home church.  I used some of her ideas from one of those services in my presentation.  See the joy as we sang Hosanna to the King of Kings!

The story was completed after lunch when the wedding cake was served.

Another place I had the joy of serving was the Al Malath Center.  This is a day center where special needs young adults receive the services they need.  Previously I had done some office work, this week I spent time with everyone.  Physical therapy, speech therapy, cooking together, learning activities of daily living and enjoying music and dance.

 My heart goes out to all this dedicated staff!

Lunch included stuffed grapr leaves.  They had picked them.  from vines in their garden and the chef  had helped them make them the day before.

 Music and dance, fun for everyone.