Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Vacation

I was surprised upon arrival to find out that the school where I will be an assistant will not be starting until February 3rd.  However, there has been much to do because the church held a week long Vacation Bible School. 

Daily the church was full of active excited children.  Each day 15-20 mothers joined in too.  Everyone enjoyed singing songs with actions.  There was leaping and jumping at appropriate times and beyond.  

The children really enjoyed the puppet shows and videos.  

Lessons about Bible characters were given.  On Friday the final lesson was about Jesus and the salvation provided by the cross and resurrection.   Through the use of puppets, music and even bubbles God's little ones heard about Jesus' love for them.

I served with the three to five year old children.  Today we had 12 listening to the story, plus a couple more crawling under the benches.  We held the class in the back corner of the church.

 It has been many years since I have been involved at this level and personally felt the excitement of so much potential.

The church family prayed for the events daily.  They worked very hard on the VBS.   Each day sandwiches were made for all the children and the mothers.

Pray with the church family here in Mafraq that the children will continue to grow in their understanding of God's love for them.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tuesdays Together

Breakfast on the Roof

Each Tuesday starts with breakfast on the roof.  It includes all those involved in the ministry.   This week it included some VIP's from Czech Republic,  gifting the ministry with funds.

Getting to Know Others

It is a wonderful opportunity to network.  This information flow allows for more effective ministry.  For example at my breakfast table five different countries were represented.  The topics in part were where to find good Arabic teachers and what was the best way to be certified as an English-as-a-second-language teacher.

Gathering in the Church 

After breakfast everyone gathered in the church to sing praises, pray and be inspired by a message from the  Bible.   The message was in English, being interpreted into Arabic.

The message from Matthew 5, the Beautitudes, was a reminder of who we are in Christ, salt and light.   The challenge for kingdom living was given, to do good and preserve society.

Prayer Needed

Pray for the many who serve in various capacities through the church and in other organizations.  Pray that the extreme needs of the Syrian refugees will be met and that all actions will bring glory to God.

Excitement of Beginning

From Ammon

One of the teachers from the school came to Ammon to pick me up.   She got lost on the way to pick me up, but got together with the help of a short taxi ride.

 We found a large supermarket, almost as nice as a Meijers, we loaded up with supplies.

As we left Ammon, I read the map while being driven.   We still got lost on the way to Mafraq.   It did not help that the signs and map did not have the same names and/or spellings. 


My first impresion of the Christian Mission Alliance Church is that it is a small church doing a HUGE work.  The activities are accomplished by total dependence on God through prayer.   An encoueagement and joy to see God work through the believers here.


So many smiling faces, many welcomes.  I need prayers for help remembering them.

Wonderful Housemates

I am in a wonderful apartment filled with Housemates that love Jesus and are dedicated to furthering the good news of the gospel in all they say and do.

I am in a bedroom with three bunk beds.  Currently there are four of us, but I was blessed to get a bottom bunk.

My suitcases act as chest of drawers.  I have one shelf and share about three feet of closet space with the potential of five other people.

I am contemplating my home 1700 sq ft; what is really needed and what does God require.

I am praising God for the privilege of living with these servants of God.  It is my joy to see my young housemates studying the Scriptures and finding corners of the living room for their personal times with God.

Praise and Prayer

Praise God with me for a safe arrival and a joyful settling in.

Praise God for the help I received with computer issues.

Continue to remember the dedicated church members and those God has sent to help and minister to the Syrian refugees.

Please keep the Syrian refugees, and their extreme needs, in your daily prayers.

What should we, wealthy Christian's, be doing to further God's justice in this region?   I pray that each of us would take action as we see reality through the "lens" of Jesus' love.