Monday, September 8, 2014

September News

Randie’s Rejoicings

Being home has its beauty and business!  Now the tinge of color and birds are flocking signaling a gorgeous fall and not, in my opinion, a wonderful winter. 

It was my joy to have Palestinian Christian visit from Jerusalem.  They spoke and helped at my church, Christ UMC in Traverse City. 

They accompanied me to the UM-GBGM conference “Walking with Palestinian Christians.”  

Much of what we saw and did at the conference is available at the following web site until November 1:

The Kairos Series

I invite you to a Kairos Series via the press release below.
Central and Christ United Methodist churches invite you to attend the five week Kairos Series on Sundays at 5:30 starting September 14, 2014. The location is Christ UMC, 1249 Three Mile South.

Learn the Palestinian Christian’s perspective from the Holy Land as we studying their booklet, Kairos Palestine a Moment of Truth: Faith, Hope, and Love- a Confession of Faith and a Call to Action from Palestinian Christians.  Study booklets are provided free of charge.  The title for week 1 is "What Is Kairos".

More information is available at  

What Would Love Do?

As I make plans for the rest of 2014 and into 2015, I am praising God for the promise of Wisdom.  I am asking myself what would love do.  Our Scripture tells us to be forward thinking people; God is in our tomorrows as we press on. 

Concepts coming to the “front burner” for me in answer to where God’s love would have me serve include immigration reform, refugee assistance, interfaith understandings, peace, justice, and non-violent life style advocacy. 

Let’s pray for each other as God’s light of Love focuses our attention on our individual calls.

Lord willing, a trip to Africa is in my future.  I will be accompanying my sister, Donna, to Ethiopia.  Donna is a missionary linguist, now retired after spending 30 years in Africa.  The Bible she helped create in a tribal langue, Bunna, will be dedicated.  The date is not set yet, so neither is the date set for my next Individual Volunteer in Mission assignment.   

Items of Interest

In addition to the links already mentioned, the following items may be of interest to you.

World Council of Churches

9/21/2014 International Day of Prayer for Peace

9/21 – 9/27 World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel

            Many resources are available at this web page

Veterans for Peace Northern Michigan

A day of peace activities are planned for Saturday, September 20, by this local chapter, including a panel discussion on peace at Central United Methodist Church 11: am-1: pm.

Advance Projects

How to donation to projects identified by our missionaries in Palestine Israel is available at the above web site.  The Shepherd Society of Bethlehem Bible College is a way to donate directly to the people of Gaza.  When donating to the Shepherd Society, use Advance Project # 3020439.  Also, note “for the people of Gaza” in the “In Honor of Section.”  One hundred percent of the donation goes to the cause, administrative fees are paid for by the United Methodist Church.

Love and Prayers,