Saturday, November 29, 2014

Across the Jordan and Return

Bethlehem Bible College's Shepherd Society Outreach

I had a special blessing being allowed to travel with an Outreach team from The Shepherd Society, Advance Project # 3020439.

On the journey to and from Mafraq, Jordan, we saw many interesting sights.  

There is even a Mc Donald's in Northern Israel.

Mafraq continues to expand due to the continued influx of Syrian Refugees.  The church is also expanding to better serve the refugees. The third floor new sanctuary is under construction.

This view is from the soon to be 4th floor community center.

The congregation and many internationals are serving the extreme needs of the refugees.

A special blessing for me was joining in the prayer meeting at Haifa's house with the women of the congregation

I went with others on distributions.
Needed household goods are provided to the Syrian refugees who have none.    

I was blessed to visit homes. What a joy it was to see the families respond to the visits, how wonderful that all but two of the outreach team spoke the same language.  Even without knowing what was said, I could see the joy, hear the laughter and sense the comfort the visits gave the refugees.

An American Thanksgiving

I accepted an invitation from Rev Alex and Brenda Awad's church for an American Thanksgiving Dinner.

There were several people there experiencing Thanksgiving Dinner and all the trimmings for the first time.

A congregation member, sitting at the table with me,  told the history of the first Thanksgiving.  His family roots go back to the Mayflower.

Desert, my favorite part of the meal!

Staying Busy at Hope Secondary School

English enrichment lessons with four students was FUN.  The students really work hard to improve their English.

We have received an unusual amount of rain.  Water came into the building from a door near my room and then into my room.

With the help of Mohammed and Mahmoud, we discovered that the drain on the deck was plugged.  With their help, we remedied the situation and cleaned up the mess.

It is starting to look like Christmas at Hope School.  

Today I had the privileged representing  Hope School at the Christmas Market in Old Town Jerusalem at the Lutheran Church.  We sold various hand made items on behalf of the school.  It was fun seeing the children enjoying their traditional skinny Santa.

If you are thinking of an alternative Christmas giving, please consider Hope Secondary School.  It is an Advance Project (number 12018A) through the General Board of Global Ministries, When donations are processed through this web site, 100% of the donation goes to the project and the donation is tax deductible.

Please Continue to Pray for a 

Just Peace in the Land of Christ's Birth!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Office, Classes and One on One Enrichment

Classes for 82 Secondary Students

It is a joy for me to serve at Hope Secondary School.  My days are very full.  Most days I serve in the development office, office work, my comfort zone.  

On some occasions I serve with students in the classrooms and as needed for special events.
At morning break time, the students rush out and go across the parking lot to the canteen.  They are served sandwiches and snacks daily.

It is still nice enough weather here for the students to sit in the garden enjoying their snacks.

After school each day, I am involved with students for individual English enrichment.

Olives Available Daily

A few weeks before I arrived, students were involved in the olive harvest on the campus.  I am enjoying all the olives available at meals and for nibbling.

Giving Tuesday

It was fun to watch this picture being taken.  Rev. Kristen Brown, the Methodist Liaison, took the photos of the Advance Projects and has posted them to the Methodist Liaison Facebook page.

Please consider a donation for the needs of these deserving students.  Donations can be sent to   The donations are tax deductible and 100% goes to the project.  Use the project number 12018A.

Your Opportunity to Serve at Hope School

 Please Pray for a Just Peace in the Middle East