Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rule or Ruin

I continue to read books by E. Stanley Jones.  He was my mother’s favorite author, and a famous Methodist missionary and preacher.  Below are my reflections on my reading of the ideas on p 54 titled Destiny in Directions from the book, The Way to Power and Poise.

Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end.  Jesus declared, “I am the Way! 

John 16:13 The Holy Spirit will declare to you the things that are to come.  Certain ways fit in with God’s ways, and the future is with them- reality backs them.

We can live ahead of the times, when we are receptive to what the Holy Spirit reveals to our hearts.  In Jesus, the past, present and future is revealed to us.

Destiny is morally discerned, certain events are bound to follow certain causes.  Everything that fits in with Jesus is destined to rule, and everything that does not fit in is doomed to ruin

The Way of Jesus is always the Way and every other way is not-the-way.

Because of Jesus, evil has met its match, and has been defeated.  All evil we face has the footprint of the son of God on its neck.

Let’s live as a convincing demonstration of Christ’s transforming Power

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Travel Travel Travel

Praising God for the Journey

Christmas 2016

Christmas with my son and daughter-in-law, Ed and Gale, in Michigan.  Glad I do not have to be out in the back yard!  Glad I am heading south!

Because Ed and Gale  were willing to taking me to and picking me up from Metro Airport in Detroit.  I was able to spend the New Years Holiday with my sister and her family on Bainbridge Island near Seattle.  

Spending Gift cards is a part of the after Christmas Tradition.

My nephew, Holden, and sister, Molly, are great shoppers!

Thank God for GPS and Gale

I started my trip to Texas on January 3rd.  Gale, my daughter-in-law programed my GPS and was on phone rescue duty during my whole trip.  I could not have done it without her.  I am so VERY thankful for all your prayers for traveling safety.

Dallas: Missional Wisdom Foundation

I planned a visit with Missional Wisdom Foundation (MWF) in Dallas.  Yes I did take some wrong turns, but with God, Gale and GPS I made it to the meeting.

 It was exciting to learn how God is using Missional Wisdom Foundation.  I came away with ideas that will enhance ministry in Traverse City

Missional Wisdom Foundation is in ministry in several states.  Please check out their web site.  I know you will be blessed.

The only down side was the Dallas Traffic!

Reaching My Destination:  La Posada Providencia

I am blessed to be part of this ministering community.  
Praise God with me that we have the opportunity to pray for and act on behalf of refugees and immigrants
For the first three months of 2017, I will be serving at
 La Posada Providencia, 30094 Marydale Road, San Benito,TX 78586,

La Posada Providencia answers the Gospel call to “welcome the stranger.” Founded by Sister Carolyn (now Hilary) Hooks, La Posada provides a safe, nurturing environment to immigrants, asylees, and asylum seekers who have come to the United States seeking safety, protection, and a better life. All shelter residents are in the process of seeking legal refuge in this country. La Posada has welcomed people from more than 70 different countries. Their goals extend beyond shelter to helping their clients adjust quickly to United States culture. Clients participate in life skills and English language lessons and receive personalized case management and transportation.
As people of faith, we are in this together.  Your help and prayers are needed. 
Please pray for immigrants and refugees! 
Consider sending gifts and donations to La Posada Providencia (address above).

During my service at La Posada, I will remain available via my phone, 231 649 0930, via email address: , via blog  and via my Facebook page. 

Old Year Brings Possibilities To The New Year

In The Light And The Light In Us!

On a page titled "With" or "In." E. Stanley Jones indicates in his book, Power and Poise the following important ideas 

The average Christian lives under the ought rather than can. 

When totally surrendered to God, the Holy Spirit comes in, so that our living becomes faithful, and loyal.  The Holy Spirit functions in us.  

The author quoted Chesterton, "if the natural will not submit to the Supernatural it becomes the unnatural."

E. Stanley Jones goes on to say, "Jesus was perfectly surrendered and hence perfectly natural.

Are we living like Jesus?  Are we living a natural, supernatural Christian life?

Church Women United

I praise God for the stamp of eternity on the good work this organization does in our community.  

Church Women United is a racially, culturally, theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice.  Church Women United empowers women of faith to advance social justice in their local communities and globally.  We believe in a more just and cooperative future, grounded in the love of God.  Impassioned by the Holy Spirit we act on behalf of women and children throughout our global community

Active last year even more action in 2017 working for justice for all.

United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women Units in churches across W. Michigan Conference creatively make the Love of God an experience through their meetings and projects.

This United Methodist Women  co-sponsors a Keep Making Peace Day in East Lansing at University United Methodist Chruch, on April 1st.  Information and registration is at   
The topic this year is Confronting Michigan’s Climate Change.  

Everyone is invited to this important event. 

Before During After Incarceration (BDAI)

We started this organization in July of 2016.  We are raising awareness and taking actions with and on behalf of the Incarcerated, Previously incarcerated, their families and friends.

We continue to meet the Third Tuesday of each month.  Check our Facebook Group page for meeting times and places,  It would be great to have you be a part of this important organization.  We need volunteers.

Some tweaking of our justice system is needed to bring a just justice.

Northwest Michigan Welcoming Council

In November 2016 I traveled to Lansing and attended two events about immigration and refugees in Michigan.  I learned a lot!  The most exciting thing was that our federal government had authorized Traverse City as a place to resettle unaccompanied refugee minors.  Bethany Christian Service is the agency administering the program.  A group of local residents have formed to help extend the Welcome.  We are calling ourselves, Northwest Michigan Welcoming Council.

 Northwest Michigan Welcoming Council

Please consider being part of the Northwest Michigan Welcoming Council (NMWC).   We are a group of local residents raising awareness of the needs of refugees and coordinating efforts to welcome refugees to our area. 


Bethany Christian Services has been designated by the Federal Government to resettle unaccompanied refugee minors in our area.  They are in urgent need of foster care homes.  For specific details, please call Jamie Staley of Bethany Christian Service, 231421.6494.  In addition to foster care homes, Bethany will have many other ways to help refugees. 

Northwest Michigan Welcoming Council will:

·       Raise awareness of Bethany Christian Services’ role and needs as Unaccompanied Refugee Minors are resettled in Northwest Michigan. 
Current Urgent need, foster care homes. 
·       Provide understanding of the process through information, networking, advocacy and partnerships in Northwest Michigan.,
·       Join our hearts and hands to express kindness and smooth the integration processes.  As refugees see the beauty of our area, they will experience the collective beauty of our souls.
·       Participate in events with newcomers to hear their stories, their hopes, and their dreams.
·       Explore all possibilities as we work together so that through our combined efforts Love Peace and Justice will continue to flourish in Northwest Michigan.

More information will be posted on the Facebook Page.  If  you, or someone you know wants to be in the group’s email loop, let us know via email.

Let's help make Northwest Michigan their home sweet home!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Human Being - Human Doing


Praise God with me for the rhythm and flow of our lives.  I praise God for the gift of time and energy.  Daily renewing of our hearts and minds through his presence in us and in our culture.  Paul in the scripture reminds us, "In whom we live and move and have our being." 

West Michigan Conference of United Methodist Church

I was able to attend and serve at the Annual meeting of the  West Michigan Conference.  My service with World Council of Chruches as an Ecumenical Accompanier Program Palestine Israel, EAPPI was the topic of my display,

United Methodists for Kairos Response

A group of United Methodists have organized to answer the urgent call from Palestinian Christians in Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth.  Our call is for effective action to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just peace in the Holy Land.

I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for a planning meeting.  At their sculpture park, the reflecting exhibition gave new dimensions to a Selfie.  



United Methodist Women 

Quadrennial in Grand Rapids

It was my joy to share the sisterhood of United Methodist Women.  Many members of the W. MI Conference of the United Methodist Women were able to attend this event.

Contemplating Economic Justice

I gave my reflections from attending the United Methodist Women National Seminar, Interrupt Indifference Jesus Justice and Joy.

There is much to do to achieve social justice in our country.

Each of us must realize the modern day idols that call to fill our lives.  We repent and turn making the kingdom Jesus established our priority.

A Family Note-

My son and his wife, Ed and Gale, are interested in horses.  Gale took me to meet one of the horses she cared for.  Certainty beyond my comfort zone.  However the horse loved me! I admit it was my first positive horse experience.  

Sisters and Sister- in Law, Janet and Donna.  We were able to celebrate Donna's birthday.  Something we could not do for years because Donna was a missionary in Africa for many of here birthdays.

Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin, MI

Donna and I were able to attend the 60th anniversary celebration at Center Lake Bible Camp  We were campers during the first year of operation.

The cinnamon rolls, a camp specialty, are still as good as they ever were.

 Before During After Incarceration BDAI

Before During After Incarceration is the name given to a group that is part of the ongoing efforts to ensure that the Grand Traverse Area will be a place where all can flourish.

The main working groups are:
·       Families, Housing, Life Skills, Transportation Group
·       Release Referral Program Group
·       Mental Health and Addiction Group
·       Advocacy Communication and Membership Recruitment  Group
·       BDAI Book Club Group
·       Restorative Justice Group

We meet the third Tuesday of each month.

Continue to Pray for Our Cities, States, Nation and World

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another Call to Action

Justice Issues

Justice issues continue to fill my thinking and actions.  Acting as Social Action Coordinator for the United Methodist Women of West Michigan Conference is changing my life and thinking.  I am challenged to further actions through reading, workshops, conversations and Mission U.

Traverse City, my home town, is coming together on behalf of the incarcerated, the previously incarcerated, their families and friends.  We are exploring ways to continue and enhance services before, during and after incarceration.

Church Women United

I am also involved in Church Women United.  Please take time to check our what they are doing in your area.  We are a racially, culturally, theologically inclusive ecumenical women's movement.  

Summer in Traverse City, MI

Mine is summer to enjoy in Traverse City Michigan.  You are invited!

A Thought:

God loves everyone, even those running for political offices!  

All of them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yes, I Have Been Busy

My amazingly busy 70th decade continues.  Praise God with me for providing all I need.  All I am allowed to experience continues to fill my heart with praises.  It is not, “do I see my life as half-full or half-empty,” it is totally full and overflowing!  I have started setting an alarm to ring at 9: PM.   I am disciplining myself to stop whatever I am doing. That keeps life from overflowing into my evening prayers and planned 8 hours of sleep.

Keep Making Peace

In April, I traveled to Lansing and attended, Keep Making Peace put on by the Wesley Foundation at Michigan State University.  

It was titled, Mass Incarceration: Locked In, Locked Up, and Locked Out.  Mass Incarceration is one of the focus social justice actions identified by United Methodist Women for 2016-2017.  I hope more of my UMW sisters will join with me next year at Keep Making Peace.

My Learning Delight

I am taking courses in order to become a Certified Lay Speaker.  I took a Wesley Heritage course.  It was fun learning about Wesley and historic Methodism.  I also continue to learn from and through my responsibilities as United Methodist Women’s Social Action Coordinator for W. Michigan.  God is giving many circumstances for my “learning delight.”  I pulled the photo below from the Internet.

Attending Events

I had the opportunity to travel to Lansing in May to attend Older Michiganian Day.  This event was sponsored by Area Agency on Aging.  It gave everyone the opportunity to meet directly with their state elected officials and advocate for the needs of the elderly.  I hope more of my UMW sisters will join with me next year.

I could fill this entire update with news of all the United Methodist Women Events I have had the joy of attending.  

In June, I attended the North Central Jurisdictional Quadrennial Meeting. It was fun and a heart-filling event with UMW from eleven different conferences.  We gathered for a W. Michigan Conference UMW picture.

I also had the joy of reconnecting with part of the team from the UMW Ubuntu Journey I took to Sierra Leone in 2012.  UMW Sisterhood is amazing!

You Are Invited

Living in Travers City it is fun to have visitors.  I welcomed Sally from Jordan.  We made a journey to Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore.  Yes, I can still climb the Sleeping Bear Dune.  You are invited!  Let me know when you will be in this area and I will be a tourist with you. 

West Michigan Annual Conference

I took another trip to Lansing, in June for the West Michigan Annual Conference.  It was fun and heart filling.  I love connected with friends from the past!  I had a chance to tell about my service with World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Program Palestine Israel.

I spent the evening after with my son, Ed, and daughter in law, Gale.  The following morning Gale gave me some lessons about horses.  For the first time in my life, I liked a horse.  When I was not looking this horse came up behind me and showed he liked me.  At least that is what Gale said this kind of attention meant.

UMW Mission U and the Green Scarf

Mission U held every year is a special event for learning.  The courses I took this year were Climate Justice A call to Hope and Action and The Bible and Human Sexuality Claiming God’s Good Gifts taught by the author Ellen A Brubaker. 

At the silent auction, I fell in love with a green scarf.  I set a final amount that I would bid at five times my usual limit. I really liked this scarf!  Someone else was also bidding on it countering my every bid.  My limit came and so I ended my quest to own the green paisley print scarf.  I felt a bit sad, but comforted myself with the fact that the money went to a good cause, United Methodist Community House in Grand Rapids,

You can only imagine my surprise and joy later when Rev. Sueann Hagen, the high bidder, presented me with the green scarf!  Needless to say, I have a favorite new scarf.  My heart is “strangely warmed” and tears flow even just telling you about this gift of kindness.  UMW sisterhood is so VERY special!

Action in Traverse City

Through contacts at my UMW unit, at Central UMC in Traverse City, action is being taken to create opportunities to bring justice and healing to the incarcerated and previously incarcerated their families and friends.  We will be holding our first event this month.

Central UMC is also involved with Our Neighbor’s Garden.  All the products go to the local food pantries and community meals.  No green thumb is needed to help in this garden. 

Mission and Social Action

I am not sure where my mission and social action will take me next.  I hope like Queen Ester, I am willing to face death and counter government policies if it means justice for people God loves.

Wesley’s Three Rules:

Do No Harm, Do Good, Stay in Love with God

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OOPS! What Happened to Spring?

Our April Snow Storm!

It seems like I came back to Michigan too soon.  Yet another snow storm, with more on the way. 

 Below the Robin that visited my front porch.

The North Wind Doth Blow Poem
The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.