Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Quote to Ponder

"When the church hears the cry of the oppressed it cannot but denounce the social structures that give rise to and perpetuate the misery from which the cry arises."
-Blessed Oscar Romero

Each of our actions in our 24/7's is spent interacting with and in the systems of our cultures.  We each have an opportunity to live God's love into our "corner of the systems."  

Let's "hear," "see" and act through God's Love for all perspective.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

United Methodist Connection

The United Methodist Women Connection  

United Methodist Women Deaconess, Cindy Johnson, was my contact that smoothed the way for me to serve at La Posada Providencia,  I connected to her by way of a different United Methodist Women, Cindy Saufferer.  I had med Cindy Saufferer on the 2012 UMW Ubuntu Journey to Sierra Leone.  She was in MI attending the 2016 North Central Jurisdiction Quadrennial in Grand Rapids, June 2016 when I was discerning my next volunteer in mission journey. Part of the 2012 Sierra Leone Ubuntu Journey team members Vicki behind, Rita on my right and Cindy on my left.

  I praise God that Cindy from MN gave me the contact info of Cindy of TX.  The rest of the story you have read about on previous blogs and stories from here will continue until March 27, 2017.

Texan United Methodist Churches

Along with my service here at La Posada Providencia, I have had the privilege of visiting many churches in the Rio Texas Conference in particular in the El Valle District.  

Praise God I was able to share about the Matthew 25 work here at La Posada.  I am VERY encouraged being able to interact with the United Methodists in the Valley.  I have a new label, Winter Texan.  It makes me wonder where someone with that label will serve next winter.

Today, March 12, 2017 

1st United Methodist Church of Weslaco, TX

My heart is full of praise to God for my church experience today, 1st United Methodist Church of Weslaco, TX.


This church has answered the call to love God and serve people. 

The CALL TO WORSHIP at the service today ministered to my journeying heart!

Leader:            We are called to go to places that we don’t know.
People:           We look to the hills for our strength.
Leader:            Our strength is in God who always goes with us
People:           We walk in faith.
Leader:            Come, let us worship the God who calls us and who walks beside us throughout the journey

Two couples from Michigan greeted me during the “Pass the Peace” portion of the service.

The thoughts and challenges of the sermon were a blessing to my soul.  The sermon, spoken in English, was translated as the sermon progressed.  The sermon’s call to action contained an important reminder that we are made alive with God’s breath.  The Holy Spirit is ready to resurrect the dead places in each of our lives.  As we experience the breath of God resurrecting the dead places we are sent out to the world.

An added joy was finding out that today's donations in their  special blessing box offering was designated for La Posida Providencia. 

It was fun to see the playground at the church being used by many!

Mission teams from out of town will be staying and serving this week as this church reaches out to their community. 

I was invited to and enjoy a potluck with all, Good food and fellowship! 

Praise God with me for the many United Methodists Churches that have welcomed me and support La Posada Providencia with their prayers and donations. 

Extra Volunteers

This is Spring Break at collages throughout our country.  What a joy it is to experience young people from several different colleges who come to serve asylum seekers on their Spring Break.  

The college students and the asylum seekers learn from each other.  They listen and learn from Sister Margaret.

Pondering the potential for God's very good in the lives of these college students and asylum seekers is exciting!

Pray for Refugees and Those Who Serve Them.