Friday, October 11, 2013

Action Required


I have already been home for three very busy months.  I continue to make presentations about EAPPI ( and my mission ministry as an Individual Volunteer in Missions (IVIM) with the General Board of Global Ministries ( 


Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, continue to suffer from the occupation. 

Freedom of movement is denied as Palestinians face checkpoints every morning on their way to work.

Palestinian lands are being confiscated for the separation barrier, settlements and Israeli only roads.

 Palestinian roads are blocked, causing added travel time. 

           Villages continue to be destroyed, 9/ 16/13

Palestinian Christians collaborated in 2009, in writing Kairos Palestine a Moment Of Truth, Faith, Hope and Love - a Confession of Faith and Call to Action from Palestinian Christians.  

A lot more information can be obtained from Kairos Palestine offices in Bethlehem, (

Sabeel is Arabic for “the way” and is an organization in Jerusalem for the voice of the Palestinian Christians.  A copy of the Kairos Palestine document can be ordered through a US chapter, Friends of Sabeel North America at

A link to the Kairos Palestine document is available through the United Methodist response at


A movement similar to the one that launched South African’s freedom from apartheid has been launched around the world. 
BDS is “big news” around the world, even as its coverage might have not been part of our reading here. 
In July the news in Europe reported: “The European Union will take a tougher stance against Israel beginning Friday, enforcing new guidelines that direct the bloc’s 28 member nations not to award any funding, grants, scholarships or prizes to entities in Jewish settlements in the Golan Heights, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to a communique released Tuesday.”
The Palestinian Christians state in their document (section 4.2.6 in part), “…We understand this (BDS) to integrate the logic of peaceful resistance. … is not revenge but rather to put an end to the existing evil, liberating both the perpetrators and victims of injustice.. The aim is to free both peoples..bringing both to justice and reconciliation.”

More information is available at the three web sites in the prior section.  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your call to action. 


Prior to leaving on my next assignment, I am having the joy of visiting friends and family.  My journey includes, MI, IN, GA, FL, and WA.  Then after Christmas, I have the hope of flying to my next assignment. 


Prayers of discernment are needed for the United Methodist Missionaries, Liaisons to the Holy Land, as my next IVIM placement is being facilitated.  In God’s will, I anticipate being out of country January through May 2014.  God has blessed me with a couple to live in and care for my house until I return next June.


I ask you to consider an alternative giving this Christmas for the Children in Bethlehem, The children in the town of the first Christmas.  I have attached a list of United Methodist Advance Projects that you might want to consider.  I have also attached a listing of web sites that I have found helpful for understanding the Middle East, from different perspectives.

Through our prayers and this blog, we will stay connected as we serve together. 

Pray for a JUST peace in the Middle East