Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tuesdays Together

Breakfast on the Roof

Each Tuesday starts with breakfast on the roof.  It includes all those involved in the ministry.   This week it included some VIP's from Czech Republic,  gifting the ministry with funds.

Getting to Know Others

It is a wonderful opportunity to network.  This information flow allows for more effective ministry.  For example at my breakfast table five different countries were represented.  The topics in part were where to find good Arabic teachers and what was the best way to be certified as an English-as-a-second-language teacher.

Gathering in the Church 

After breakfast everyone gathered in the church to sing praises, pray and be inspired by a message from the  Bible.   The message was in English, being interpreted into Arabic.

The message from Matthew 5, the Beautitudes, was a reminder of who we are in Christ, salt and light.   The challenge for kingdom living was given, to do good and preserve society.

Prayer Needed

Pray for the many who serve in various capacities through the church and in other organizations.  Pray that the extreme needs of the Syrian refugees will be met and that all actions will bring glory to God.