Thursday, May 9, 2013



I had the privilege of attending the Woman’s Story Group at the Arab Educational Institute.  The topic of the day was the Nakab, facilitated one of the leaders at the institute. 

Nakba means disaster; it is how Palestinians refer to what happened to their country and lives in 1948.  

One of the first books I read in trying to understand the background of this area was a biography of a Palestinian whose family lived through this disaster.  The book is Blood Brothers, by Elias Chacour.  I recommend reading this for an overview and understand of the events of 1948.

You can obtain more information on the historic event of the Nakba by going to the Alternative Information Centre’s web  Search on this site “Nakba” and you will see a lot of information including activities I will be a part of. There is a video to watch there too.  The date of the Nakba is May 15.

At the Woman’s Story Group, we watched a video about the history of the Nakba.  Many women told their family’s story of the Nakba.  I was very glad that one woman retold each story to me in English as the others talked.  I felt Love shared in this group as women come together from different faith traditions to tell their stories. 
Women given a voice!

Praise God with me that I get to be with these courageous women, whose families are still suffering the results of the Nakba.  They continue to suffer from the many human right violations and international law violations connected to the illegal conditions under occupation.

This organization is also giving young people a voice.  See the story posted on the wall.

Pray for a JUST Peace in the Middle East