Sunday, May 5, 2013

Caritas Baby Hospital

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Caritas Baby Hospital

Children’s Relief Bethlehem is an international Christian Charity that has been providing aid to people in need in the Holy Land since 1952.  They co-finance projects in the Middle East that place an emphasis on the principles of self-help, taking the initiative and person responsibility.

The Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem is one of them.  Caritas Baby Hospital’s brochure states that they provide aid to children and mothers and are committed to sustainable, holistic and social development.  They take the political realities in the holy land into account in their work and support efforts aimed at leading to social justice and peace.  They are building bridges of solidarity and of mutual understanding between peoples.

The tour guide explained the problems caused to sick children because of the occupation, including economic pressures on the families and permits required.  The occupation related delays on needed medical help are especially detrimental if the child needs services beyond what Caritas is equipped to handle.

We actually took our tour with a tour group from Germany.  Ulrike, a teammate from Germany, provided me with the translation. 

The tour guide told of the H. H. Pope Benedict XVI's visit to and blessing of the work of Caritas Baby Hospital in 2009.

The tour was impressive; we saw a well-staffed and equipped facility.  I did not take photos inside, but you can get photos and information on how you can be involved at