Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prayers Needed - Action Required

A Quote Dr. Cornel West

Let us not be deceived – the Israeli massacre of innocent Palestinians, especially the precious children, is a crime against humanity! The rockets of Hamas indeed are morally wrong and politically ineffective – but these crimes pale in the face of the U.S. supported Israeli slaughters of innocent civilians. There is much blood on the hands of Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Obama and Hamas. We all are complacent with this bloodshed if we do not raise our voices to condemn all crimes and all forms of terrorism. We must never forget a precious Palestinian baby has the same value as a precious Jewish baby.

A Leak

Obama Sending 2,000 Troops to Gaza Strip (Headline From National Report 7 21 14)

Documents leaked on the Internet on Monday revealed that President Barack Obama has asked the Pentagon to ready approximately 2,000 combat-ready soldiers for a possible deployment to the Gaza Strip, to aid Israel in their fight against Hamas and the Palestinians. - See more at: