Friday, July 10, 2015

Much To Do

House and Home

It is wonderful to be home and in Traverse City, MI.

In my opinion, I am spending too many hours working in my yard.  Yes, I am remembering “green side up,” but why does the green have to be the green of weeds?

This area of Michigan has a lot of natural beauty.  Visitors from all over the world come to Traverse City all summer, but especially this week for our National Cherry Festival.  A town of about 14,000 hosting 100,000 creates the joy of summers here.

A Parade and Justice For Our Neighbors JFON

Central United Methodist Church was in a Cherry Festival Parade on Thursday.  Everyone had a great time and the youth handout invitations to their Daily Vacation Bible School.  Some of us walked with the others wearing our Justice for our Neighbors shirts advertising Central’s Immigration Ministry.

You are Invited

Mint is growing in my garden.  I would love to treat you to mint-tea or mint-lemonade the Tastes of Bethlehem served here.  Please plan a visit sometime soon, at least, within the next 3-4 months.  I am hoping to be a “snow bird” and fly south when the cold weather.

West Michigan Conference of United Methodist Church

Conference Annual Meeting

I had the privilege of being a representative of my Grand Traverse District at the Annual Conference.  The worship, preaching and teaching gave us a chance to grow, grow deep and strong.

Decisions items were considered with much discussion on the pros and cons.  We “practiced” treating each other as brothers and sisters who came and reasoned together.  Love created the grace and space needed to accomplish the decision necessary for the Church.

I was particularly interested in a resolution that passed.  It was a resolution asking next year’s General Conference to consider removing our church’s involvement with companies that are causing the pain and suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.  From my perspective, it is a “no brainer” decision.  However, to our “financial types” a decision put off for years.

Christ United Methodist Church

It is my joy to worship with my church family, and it is all in English. 

Some Spanish is soon expected.  A conversational Spanish class is in the process.  We will be using the book, Who Is My Neighbor? Learning Spanish as Church Hospitality.  We are developing a roster of teachers and students.  If you live near and/or are interested, let me know.

West Michigan Conference United Methodist Women, UMW

I am so glad the Conference UMW is allowing me to serve as social action coordinator.  Wow, much to learn, much to do being God’s hands and feet bringing God’s justice to our neighbors.  At the end of July, it is my privilege to attend the UMW National Seminar.  The title of the Seminar is, Jesus, Justice and Joy.  The UMW’s web site, is a great source of information and direction as we answer our call.


A learning opportunity titled “Mission u” is happening.  One is in Mt Pleasant, the other in Gaylord.  I plan to attend both.  I hope to see some of you at these events.

Because some of us go to churches that are too small to have UMW Units, a district unit is starting.  Those of you, who do not have a UMW unit in your church, join us!

United Methodist Church

I treasure the many ways that the United Methodist Church provides resources for my actions. 

It was as an Individual Volunteer in Missions with GBGM-General Board of Global Ministries that I had my experiences in the Middle East, ten months 2013-2014.  I saw violations of international law, injustices to individuals, destruction of homes, loss of private property, and injury.  These are more than vivid memories; they are ongoing experiences breaking the heart of God.  Jesus is still crying over Jerusalem and violations of the call to Love.

The General Board of Church and Society, GBCS continues to inform me about the events in our world.  Much of the wisdom needed to fulfill our call to action comes through their web site,  Christ’s love compels us to actions for justice.

I am also gaining wisdom as I connect via the Internet with the United Methodist Council of Bishop’s Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships OCUIR.  I am reading their articles and follow them on Facebook.  It is so important to understand our neighbors as we fulfill our called to Love,


My sister, Donna  was a missionary in Africa for thirty years.  She is a linguist and helped translate the scripture into two different native tongues.  In August, my sister-in-law, Jan, and I will be traveling to Ethiopia with Donna for the dedication of a Bible she helped produce.

 Because Janet is going, We will have a lot of very good photos!

Stay Tuned!