Friday, December 6, 2013

It's a Village


From the Orlando airport it was a bus ride to Amtrak and a couple hour train ride to my Sister, Donna, in Sebring.  I am getting better at this individual traveling at least more experienced.  I was graciously helped by people on my path and did not lack for people to talk with.  
Donna is a retired missionary.  She spent 30 years in Africa with her main responsibility Bible translation.  



The Service in Mission (SIM) Retirement Village a wonderful facility.  About 170 people live here and all are retired SIM missionaries.  There are many activities to do right here in the village.  The village includes houses, duplexes, apartments and an assisted living. 

The street scenes are beautiful and the people are friendly.  I enjoyed my morning walks seeing the sun rise in many locations including the orchard in Donna's back yard.

The street scenes add beauty and variety.

The calm early morning allows us to see the beauty of God's gift twice.  The calm ponds reflecting the beauty of the neighborhood.  

God brings to my mind how beautiful our lives should be as we reflect the new nature we have as brothers and sisters of Christ!

Birds and small animals are a part of this Village scene.  The squirrels scurrying around are like those that I might see in Michigan. But check out their menu!  Florida Oranges.

There is a Fellowship Hall, decorated for Christmas and so is the yard!

The Lodge, an assisted living in the village has also been decorated for Christmas.  All that is missing is the snow.

There is a chapel in the village,  We attended the Thursday night service. 

Note the parking lot.

Each morning, from the swimming pool, laughter greets me as I take my early morning walk.  

I see the green volley ball and the tops of gray heads as the game goes on.

Donna's friend Sharon joined us for dinner on my first Saturday in Sebring.  I have enjoyed meeting Sharon and Donna's friends here in the Village. 

The wealth of knowledge is amazing.  I have been talking with people who have been on mission fields 30+ years.  They are sharing their knowledge with me. 

Praise God with me for allowing me to be here for this "training."

Continue to pray for Peace in the Middle East.  Pray for the refugees and for those who have extended them  hospitality.