Monday, June 10, 2013


Praise God with Me for My Sister, Donna!

Donna's Background

Donna, lives in Florida, she comes to Michigan during Florida's hottest months.  Last year we traveled to Minneapolis to visit the international headquarters of Christians for Biblical Equality,  

On the way home we traveled through Michigan's beautiful upper peninsula seeing the Picture Rocks National Park and the beauty of the Great Lakes.

Donna retired last year after 30 years as a missionary in Africa.  She is a linguist and in that capacity she translated the Bible into two different native tongues.  She was the one that checked the accuracy of the translations based on the original Bible languages.  She knows her Bible.  

Her hobby is studying prophecy and end times.  She is in the process of writing a book on these topics with over three hundred pages of book notes.  Lord willing, we will be together during the end of July and most of August.  

Donna's Zionist Assignment via email Monday June 9th

Dear Donna,

I want to get the whole Zionist issue understood before you leave Michigan.  We will have a lot to work on.


Donna's Gracious Response Two Hours Later

Dear Randie,

I have started in the book of Genesis only, with the original promise to Abraham, and its extension to Isaac, Jacob and the 12 patriarchs. I have just pulled the passages together and not organized them yet.

The second step is Moses and the law, in the light of NT comments about the law NOT cancelling the promises.
We should have a good study time together.


An Invitation for You

The Study of Zionism will be at my house in August.  There is room at the table for 12, other can sit nearby; email me to reserve your place.  Exact times will be announced.  Hope some of you will plan to study with us.    

Understanding Zionism is necessary to understand all that is going on in Palestine and Israel.

Pray for a JUST  peace in Palestine and Israel