Monday, June 24, 2013

Finding News While Walking to Chuch

World's Largest Oil Painting

As I walked to church I came across the huge oil painting.  I had heard that it was displayed on Manger Square and was glad to be able to photo it and share it with you.

I tried to take a photo of the whole thing and then of each of the sides where there were numerous small symbols and pictures.  I know you can increase the size of this page to see all.

Later I found the news article  on the Palestine News Network site (PNN.)and copied parts below.
The activities of unveiling the World's largest oil painting by the Palestinian artist Dr. Jamal Badwan, launched Thursday morning in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The painting is expected to enter the Guinness Book of Records and to break the previous record, held by Dutch artist for a 210-square-meter oil painting.  The painting, twenty meters long and fifteen meters wide holds the idea of equality of all people in the world.  It's worth mentioning, that the painting has cost the artist, four years of time, about $ 65,000 in cash and half a tone of oils.  The painting will tour the world, starting from Bethlehem.  
Ukrain-based Palestinian artist Dr. Jamal Badwan, expressed his overwhelming pleasure to visit Palestine and to having the opportunity to display his painting in his original country.
He added that the painting was inspired by Noah's Ark. He painted the earth surrounded by people of all ethnicities, panicking as a huge flood approaches. They are led to safety by a dove through Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and a famous Kiev church.
He told PNN, "As Palestinian living in Diaspora, and witnessing the suffering of my people with the Israeli occupation and the bad economic situation, I decided to work on a painting that grabs the world's attention."   The painting also holds a message to the world confirming that we {Palestinian people} are peaceful and not terrorists. A people that love life and yearn to live in peace," Badwan concluded..

Worshiping at House of Bread Church

It is always a challenge finding churches for the first time.  Especially small ones like the House of Bread Church.  Via email the pastor made sure I had directions.   When he said a small wall sign by the door, it was truly a small sign.  

This congregation was welcoming.  The song leader who also gave the message updated me in English so I would know the theme of the song.  Grace, with me in the picture, was the English translator for the message.  She did a wonderful job!

 A message based in part on the story of Joseph who endured much, but in all God was with him and God 
meant it for good.

This was truly a message of hope for these believers who are facing human right violations on a daily basis.

There are many discussions about contextualization of theological truths.  It made me feel real good seeing, on a small shelf at the front of the church, a Jesus holding a Palestinian flag.  This is a reminder that Jesus is suffering with the Palestinians who suffer.  I am sure Jesus is talking to the Father about what He sees happening here in Palestine.

Pray for a Just Peace in the Middle East