Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nelda's Service in Mission

Nelda and I met at the cross-cultural training for the Individual Volunteer in Missions of the General Board of Global Ministries.  It was held June, 2012, in Louisiana at a United Methodist Retreat Center.  Nelda is standing right front wearing the stripe top. 

The program I am now serving through suggested having “go to” person in the states.  It is an answer to all your prayers and very clear to me that it is at God’s direction that Nelda is filling this important position. 

During my preparation period, Nelda sent many emails of encouragement and prayers.  Below is her email prayer sent to me in Washington DC.

I want to pray (again) with you this morning. This time, let's pray and agree for your safety of travel!

Lord Jesus, Randie and I come before Your presence in prayer again this morning to pray for the safety of her travel.  Lord, we pray for each and every step in this long journey.  Lord we ask for "traveling mercies." Lord, we pray that each vehicle, which transports Randie, will be of Your choosing.  Lord, we ask that Randie be delivered from any and all things and all people that would hurt or harm her in any way.  Lord, may there be no setbacks, no delays unless You send them in order to protect Randie from being in danger.  Lord, on the planes, may Your protection and safely and Your comfort and rest provide Randie a safe and pleasant transport.  Lord, bring people across Randie's path that You send. Keep her from evil in any form: germs, contagion of any kind, injury, mishaps. Lord, cover Randie's bags and belongings. Send these personal items with her so that she will have and possess the physical things she has so carefully chosen.  Lord, give Randie Your favor. Lead her into the company of people who can and will help her. Lord, may Randie see and feel Your miracle working power as each step unfolds according to Your plan. Lord deliver Randie from evil.  May she accomplish all You are sending her there to do. We pray in the mighty power of Jesus Christ, our Lord!

I sent an email back, with a huge “Amen” in my heart!